Gator likes it!

Enzo finally agreed to allow Gator access to his new toy.


Author: otisandtess

Otis, an 8 year old 106 lb. lab/Dane mix, became a Tripawd on February 9, 2016 after his right front leg broke due to osteosarcoma. We did 4 rounds of carboplatin, but lung mets were discovered on Agust 25, and he passed on September 4. Otis was half of a bonded pair, and his adopted sister Tess, passed suddenly of hemangiosarcoma on October 9. The day before Tess passed, a local lab rescue group had identfied Gator, a 120 pound 6 year old yellow in need of a home, as a potential companion for her. His picture was on my phone, and my house needed a dog. . .

5 thoughts on “Gator likes it!”

  1. Oh Gator! You sure hit the Puppy Lottery with this furever home, but you already know that!!! 🙂

    You have incredible focus as you intently try to shred your new toy ( aka Enzo’s old toy)!

    I look at how content and happy Gator is and it just warms my heart. Remember one of those first pictures you posted where he looked so uncertain and distant and so unhappy? I think it was on the first day home with you. HA! Won’t ever see that look again on this handsome boy!!

    So glad Otis and Tess sent you Gator. Such a good match!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Awwww I think you look like you treat your toys really well Gator! How long will you let Gator stick around before you de-stuff him? I can’t wait to find out!

  3. Gator! I’ve missed your last few updates! I love all your backyard toys, those are clearly the best. I need to plant some bushes for Roxy. The Big Yellow Rescue Dogs must have critter hiding places.
    Yes, how long until you disembowel that poor gator? So glad you’re doing so well big guy!
    Otis and Tess did good!
    Teri and Roxy and angel Isa

  4. Gator would like you all to know that he does not remove the stuffing from his toys. He might accidentally rip a leg off, but he will never touch the stuffing.

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