Look at the dates – this has got to be my Gator!

My daughter gave me her Facebook sign-in, so I have been trolling Tennessee rescue pages circa 2 years ago.  The key is whether “4 year old” Gator was two years ago and is 6 year old Gator today.  Just look at the dates!  And he does look happy with the foster mom in the ‘foster fail’ adoption post.  This is my Gator!


They look happy. And if she was a foster mom, she wouldn’t have given him up casually.


Same photo, but dated!


Gator and his dental treat

I took this photo right before he went to day care for boarding.  He was soooo happy – made it even harder to take him.


The star in front of him is a dental treat.  It is supposed to keep his teeth clean – no idea if that works – and breath fresh – definite imptovement.  (But then again, your breath would also be vile if you were catching critters.)  Gator just loves these.  He will play wth it like a toy and carry it around the house for an hour or so before eating it.


Dog chews designed to clean teeth (?) and freshen breath (!)