Just saying Hi!

Hello Tripawds!  Long time since we posted, so just wanted to say hi and give you an update on my family.  We moved in January 2020 – new job for me and a chance to live in a more rural area.  Gator lost 10 pounds just with the extra room to run.  He is now a svelte 110.  Enzo the cat came with me, while Sophia and Benny, a one year old cat, moved with my college student to Atlanta as official emotional support animals.   Princess passed last Fall – Sophia needs a great deal of daily care, but is still hanging in there.  Overall, life is good.

Yellow lab in grass with split rail fence
Lots of room to run, and yes, he stays inside the fence!

Yellow lab in grass
Gator loves his big new yard. So much more room to play ball.

Yellow lab smiling
Happy NW Ohio boy.

Calico cat sleeping with a blanket

Cat’s face
Benny, the newest addition to the family

Tuxedo tabby cat sitting on chair back


Hoppy New Year!

Gator, the cats and I just wanted to check in and say Hoppy New Year to all!


Yesterday was the first time 8 pound Sophia cuddled with 120 pound Gator. Talk about Christmas spirit!


Just chilling,


Enzo, the second ‘dog’ in the house.



Sophia and Princess

Spring cleaning

I have held off on washing this window – those are Otis’ and Tess’ nose prints.  It was their favorite place to look out.  Gator, for some reason, never looks out this window.  But, it’s window washing time.  😔  Some things really do not need to be saved.

This, by the way, was one of the first days Otis started acting ‘normal’ after his amputation.  I was so happy to see him taking an interest in his normal doggie duties.