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Hello Tripawds!  Long time since we posted, so just wanted to say hi and give you an update on my family.  We moved in January 2020 – new job for me and a chance to live in a more rural area.  Gator lost 10 pounds just with the extra room to run.  He is now a svelte 110.  Enzo the cat came with me, while Sophia and Benny, a one year old cat, moved with my college student to Atlanta as official emotional support animals.   Princess passed last Fall – Sophia needs a great deal of daily care, but is still hanging in there.  Overall, life is good.

Yellow lab in grass with split rail fence
Lots of room to run, and yes, he stays inside the fence!
Yellow lab in grass
Gator loves his big new yard. So much more room to play ball.
Yellow lab smiling
Happy NW Ohio boy.
Calico cat sleeping with a blanket
Cat’s face
Benny, the newest addition to the family
Tuxedo tabby cat sitting on chair back


Author: otisandtess

Otis, an 8 year old 106 lb. lab/Dane mix, became a Tripawd on February 9, 2016 after his right front leg broke due to osteosarcoma. We did 4 rounds of carboplatin, but lung mets were discovered on Agust 25, and he passed on September 4. Otis was half of a bonded pair, and his adopted sister Tess, passed suddenly of hemangiosarcoma on October 9. The day before Tess passed, a local lab rescue group had identfied Gator, a 120 pound 6 year old yellow in need of a home, as a potential companion for her. His picture was on my phone, and my house needed a dog. . .

6 thoughts on “Just saying Hi!”

  1. Awww Christine! It is wonderful to see the good news about you and the critters. Everyone looks so hoppy and loved. You can see the new year is treating everypawdy so well, Gator especially, he looks FANTASTIC! That yard has been the best thing ever for your happy boy. He’s living the good life now, and it shows. All of the kids are!

    I’m sorry about Princess, it’s never enough time with our beloved fur kids, is it? You are so good to each one, they are fortunate to find their way to you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. And for your generous and so thoughtful gift to the foundation. We sent you a note a while back, it was such a beautiful surprise. We so appreciate your kindness, thank you from all of us. Keep in touch!

  2. Gator!! It’s so good to see your handsome face! We moved in October and Roxy dropped 10 lbs. too, just with more room to run.
    I am sorry about Princess, it is always too soon. Glad Sophia is hanging in there. And Enzo – always good to have a cat/dog around.
    So good to hear from you Christine!
    Teri, the Roxinator and Angel Isa

  3. As you can see, your post reconnected with a lotmof,people who are so happy to hear from you! Otis and Tess are true treasures to is and we were so privileged to travel with you and your pack. 💕
    Hearing from you with the extra bonus of great pictures was wonderful!!😁
    While I’m sorry Princess had to head to the bridge, glad to hear Enzo is still here and is pals with Gator. And that picture,of Gator with his big happy smile…priceless!!
    Your daughter has to special friends with Benny and Sophia. Nothing better than the companionship of dogs and cats.
    Take care Chrisitine. Otis and Tess could not have had a better hooman for their earth journey ♥️
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Great to hear from you Christine. Gator is looking great. Glad to hear everyone is doing as well as can be expected. Keep in touch

    Michelle & Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers.

  5. Great to hear from you Christine! It’s been too long! Gator is still a handsome member of “the big yellow dog club”! He looks great! Exciting times with the move and new job! So sorry about Princess! The losses never get easier do they? Sounds like your daughter is coping with the help of her fur babies! So great to hear from you! Happy your life is good ❤️!

  6. So happy you posted! Like the others said, Gator looks GREAT! Looks like he approves of the new digs. Thanks for the update – take care

    Paula and Angel Warrior’s Nitro and Kodi

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