Hoppy New Year!

Gator, the cats and I just wanted to check in and say Hoppy New Year to all!


Yesterday was the first time 8 pound Sophia cuddled with 120 pound Gator. Talk about Christmas spirit!


Just chilling,


Enzo, the second ‘dog’ in the house.



Sophia and Princess

Spring cleaning

I have held off on washing this window – those are Otis’ and Tess’ nose prints.  It was their favorite place to look out.  Gator, for some reason, never looks out this window.  But, it’s window washing time.  😔  Some things really do not need to be saved.

This, by the way, was one of the first days Otis started acting ‘normal’ after his amputation.  I was so happy to see him taking an interest in his normal doggie duties.

A clean bill of health. . .

Just got back from the vet, with one new lipoma (the size of a peach as per the vet) and a second lump on his muzzle that turned out to be an infection, likely from sticking his nose into places where small critters live.  Perhaps into small critters themselves.  I think you all know where my mind had been going – once a cancer dog mom, always a cancer dog mom.  So happy to walk out of the vet with my little bottle of antibiotics!