Gator got a gift!

The mail truck delivered a very special package today addressed to Christine and Gator.  What a kind thoughtful member of the Tripawds Nation, perhaps somehow realizing that this summer has been very hard on me missing Otis and Tess?   I am so grateful for the truly wonderful friends I have made in this community.

Yes, it’s a gator!!!  Being inspected by Enzo the cat.


Mr. Gator’s Dog Toys

We talk a lot on this site about toys designed to keep your tripawds mentally engaged, and scent detection frequently comes up.  So, even though Gator is a quad (a certified member of the Tripawds Nation Big Yellow Rescued Dog Club), he wanted to share his favorite toys.  Note that all you need for most of these games is a critter (a small furry something that runs around).


Mouse in drain pipe – you will note that the drain pipe is no longer connected to the house. To the best of my knowledge, the mouse survived.


Critters under bush. This is a scent detection game – you have to check under every bush where critters might have been.


Critters under gazebo – you can tell from the trash that there really was a nest under there. I believe these critters also escaped.


A close up, so you can see the bite and claw marks. Believe it or not, my lawn service told me that there was ‘evidence of animals digging’ in my backyard.


More critters under bush – it is a quite time consuming game, as you must check under each bush multiple times.


Critters under the fence? Also must be checked carefully.


If you are stuck inside, a purple stuffed dinosaur will have to do the trick.


Wow. That was exhausting.