Dog Paw Protector with IV bag

There is a thread about how to make a DIY paw protector with an IV bag.  Gator and I just got home from the emergency vet where he had a broken toenail removed.   Lots of snow and ice outside, and they sent us home with the IV bag paw protector to keep his bandages dry.

Paw protector made from an IV bag tied on with gauze.


Home from emergency vet, on pain meds and exhausted.


Author: otisandtess

Otis, an 8 year old 106 lb. lab/Dane mix, became a Tripawd on February 9, 2016 after his right front leg broke due to osteosarcoma. We did 4 rounds of carboplatin, but lung mets were discovered on Agust 25, and he passed on September 4. Otis was half of a bonded pair, and his adopted sister Tess, passed suddenly of hemangiosarcoma on October 9. The day before Tess passed, a local lab rescue group had identfied Gator, a 120 pound 6 year old yellow in need of a home, as a potential companion for her. His picture was on my phone, and my house needed a dog. . .

8 thoughts on “Dog Paw Protector with IV bag”

    1. Yes, I am concerned about his foot getting too sweaty. Plus, the bag gets some moisture inside from the snow when he goes out. It needs to dry between uses.

  1. I used a shoe lace instead of the gauze. I poked 2 holes through both sides (so 4 holes all together), and sort of threaded the shoe lace through it. Then I could just tie the shoe lace on the side each time I put it on 🙂
    Kisses to poor Gator!

  2. It actually looks like they cut the bag down some. Our vet gave us the whole IV bag so it went higher up. But it is good to see they gave you one.

    How did he manage to break the toe nail ?

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. No idea, but there has been a rabbit in the backyard the last couple of days and critter patrol has been a bit more intense. There is also a lot of snow and ice out there (actually, the last 2 inches make me wish they hadnt cut the bag down.)

  3. Awww sweet Gator. I’m so sorry you have this owwwee! But I’m so glad you are in your furever home all snuggly on your bed.

    You are so precious to js all Gator, and we don’t like seeing you hurt yourself. You be careful on that snow and ice Mister!!


  4. I’m sorry to hear Gator’s broken his toenail. Bless him, he looks so loved and cared for. I think he’s actually enjoying the fuss.

    If you find the bag snags etc., or is difficult to walk in, waterproof socks such as Sealskinz are absolutely brilliant. 100% waterproof and durable. I had to cut them down for Meg, and then use the vetwrap as you have done. Lifesaver. But if it’s just for a day or two, then hopefully the drip bag should be fine.

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