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Otis's Photos – Otis and Tess

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Otis's Photos – Otis and Tess

Gator’s Valentine’s Day Photos

February 24th, 2017 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

How handsome!   (When he is clean and not covered in mud from chasing critters)



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  • Michelle

    These are beautiful. I love his smile. He is so happy to finally have a home 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • hester

    Oh, love these so much! What a happy and sweet Valentine he is!! And I agree with Michelle. He is radiating joy!

  • dobemom

    What a poser, he should be a professional model!

    Paula and Nitro

  • linda8115

    Wow how photogenic that member of “the big yellow dog club” is! Love those forehead wrinkles! Gator you sure are one handsome dude!

  • benny55

    Oh Gator!!! You really are posing! You’re looking straight into that camera with those soulful brown eyes like you own it!!!

    And the other thing that stood out besides your stellar good looks…your CONFIDENCE!!! You look so CONFIDENT and SECURE!! Nice, very nice!

    I could look at pictures of your handsome, happy self all day long! Thanks for the smiles:-)


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • murphsmom

    Love, love, love these! Such a long way you have come, Gator, in such a short time. You are a lucky dog…and the rest of your pack is very lucky, too.

  • teri

    oh my goodness! so huggable!

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